5 Fun Facts about Bigi products

Yes, that’s five (5) whole facts, not just some in-head self-driven reasons but absolute facts You probably never knew about Bigi.

5 Fun Facts about Bigi products

5 Fun Facts about Bigi products

Yes, that’s five (5) whole facts, not just some in-head self-driven reasons but absolute facts You probably never knew about Bigi.

Well, ever since the launch of Bigi’s wide range of products into the Nigerian market, the FMCG(Fast- Moving Consumable Goods) space has experienced a great turnaround as the brand Bigi never stopped at one but went on to spread several premium products, which have since taken over the Big markets as the name imply “BIGI”.

As it is, it is safe to make the statement that Bigi has become Naija’s favourite drink serving consumers the Naija way by delivering Premium products at the most affordable prices ever. 

Oh, I didn’t forget the FACTS you probably didn’t know about and yes, I’m sharing this top 5 Fun FACTS about the brand Bigi below 👇

1. Top Quality: Talking of any brand anywhere no matter how Big, Quality remains the most important part of the production and this comes first with Bigi products; Bigi ensures absolute Quality production of its products as it uses only World-class certified ingredients that are healthy for every consumer. You ever imagined why Rite Foods, the producers of Bigi has the Symbol of Quality on their emblem? Now you know. Bigi drink is a symbol of quality. 

Didn’t know? yes, You’re welcome.

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2. Affordable

That’s right, Affordable. Bigi didn’t just bring quality, it also made all its products affordable so everybody benefits from the wide variety of their refreshing drinks. Ohh, you know affordability doesn’t equal less quality right? I know you know, so What more can one ask for? What now?

3. Varieties: 

When You hear “Bigi“, the first thing that pops in Your mind is “Big” and that’s what it is in this case. The Bigi brand ever since inception has launched 8 ( eight ) different flavours of soft drinks we still except more and 3 variety of Sausages giving the consumer space a huge room for choices i.e everyone gets their taste.

Ohhh let me chip this in, Rite Foods Limited is the producer of Bigi Drinks, Bigi sausage and Fearless Energy drink. I know this is about Bigi. This is just to back up the statement about varieties. 

Back to Bigi! The flavours are Bigi( Cola, Tropical, Lemon & Lime, Bitter Lemon, Orange, Apple, Chapman ). Had a taste of any? drop a comment and which flavour? I can just dash You 2 pacs( 2 Packs ) of Biggie ( Bigi )…

5 Fun Facts about Bigi products

4. Satisfactory

Oops, I think I’ll just switch to pidgin; I meant to say “Bigi drinks dey hit differently.” For better understanding, just consume any of Bigi’s wide range of products and see how satisfied you will be. Don’t be shy, try it. I’m not selling market, I’m just sharing what I’ve found out. 

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Did You know? Bigi was the first to ever brand to sell the biggest size of soft drink in Nigeria at NGN100 ( everyday price o, not even promo ) – that’s a BIGi deal. *Sip my Bigi cola*

5. Nigerian Brand — 

To cap it all up, the fact that Bigi is 100% Nigerian brand is the real deal. The FMCG space has had for years foreign brands dominating. Seeing an indigenous brand competing with the multinationals in terms of quality and quantity is a huge deal. Not every indigenous brand can pull that off.

Burna Boy makes Nigeria proud, we jam his songs, Davido puts Nigeria on the world map, we hail him, Starboy sells out 02Arena, we famz him, Bigi is doing Nigeria proud, why are you not drinking it? Give yourself an answer and start drinking Bigi, advisably, start with Bigi water 

Oh, You got to this point? Great! Means you read those 5 Fun Facts about Bigiproducts, I agree You know better now.

Got more facts? why not drop them in the comment section below, we sure can know better together 😇 BIGI CHEERS 🥤

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