Actress Kachi Anifela Buys Miracle Water From Church, Shares Experience

Actress Kachi Anifela Buys Miracle water From Church, Shares Experience

Nollywood actress Kachi Anifela Zion who attended a church in her street today, reportedly shared an experience after she bought a miracle water from the church.

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According to the actress Kachi Anifela Zion, the Pastor at the church who prayed for members, said his prayers will only work for those who bought the water. She wrote;

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Miracle water! Wow, so I decided to attend this church today cause it’s close to my house, and guess what ? They sell Miracle water! Like if you buy the water, Miracles start to happen 🙇🙇🙇. Things are happening gan oh, what do you think about this? Drop your opinion on this, I need further understanding Let’s ask

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