Bigi Sausage: everything You need to know
Bigi Sausage: everything You need to know

Well, as it reads; i will be sharing with You absolutely everything You need to know about Bigi Sausage.

Just within you, you might be thinking “what else am i supposed to know”, “i know Bigi sausage already and i know everything about all of Bigi”. You’re absolutely right but not on my own terms as i’ll walk you through the in-dept facts about the Bigi Sausage.

Apparently, Bigi is currently in lead among-st the Carbonated soft drink manufacturers in Nigeria “that’s no news” likewise the Bigi Sausage whic is the perfect combo to compliment the soft drinks.

Bigi Sausage: everything You need to know

FACT: Bigi sausages are made with 100% pure tasty beef, capsuled in a pastry roll.

Keeping less talk, I’ll share some important information about the Bigi Sausage and I’ll start off with the ingredients used in making such premium tasting sausage;


Wheat Flour, Soya Flour, Spices, Vegetable Fat, Pure Beef, Salt, Sulphate, Sorbic Acid, Polyphosphates, Calcium, Propionate & Colour (Ponceau 4R), Water.


Bigi Sausage is particularly aimed at refueling your empty and open stomach while on the go alongside any of your favourite Bigi soft drink flavours.

Just like every other Bigi product, you get premium for less as a #MadeInNaija brand representing always.


For every Bigi Sausage you eat, you get;

  • 1022 kJ of Energy / Calories
  • 58.8g of Carbohydrate
  • 7.8g of Fat
  • 11.3g of Protein

What else then is a Balanced Diet? You got the Rite one already; on a Bigi Sausage Diet 🤩

Need some refueling? Get things rite with the Bigi Sausage and don’t forget to level it up with any of the Bigi’s wide range of soft drink flavours.

Yeah, sounds Rite ✅

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