Dencia Attacks Leon Balogun For Speaking Against Bleaching Cream

For speaking against skin bleaching, Dencia has blasted Nigerian footballer Leon Balogun and his family.

The Whitenicious Boss has been in the news lately ever since she brought American celebrity Blac Chyna to Nigeria to promote her creams. A move that has garnered a whole lot of criticism from both the average Nigerian and celebrities.

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Leon Balogun in his own reaction, encouraged people to be proud of their black skin and say no to discoloration of their natural skin colour.

He even went further to write on the product which is being promoted and called it nonsense.

See his post on Twitter:

Shoutout to @chakabars for drawing attention Lagos, DO NOT support @BLACCHYNA & her nonsense. They only want to make profit on a false beauty ideal that is forced upon You. You are beautiful the way You are. Black is beautiful. Wear Your skin like a crown #LoveYourMelanin

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