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Detty December went so well and Fearless had it all

With so much going on in Nigeria this december, the Fearless Energy Drink has been all over and dishing out some good energy.

it’s been a month of massive celebrations everywhere and Fearless has sponsored almost every event You can think of. it’s a great thing to actually have some good energy in circulation You know 😇.

No one could have survived the Detty December without enough energy and Fearless Energy drink took that space from event organizers to Your favorite celebrities and fans too. We can otherwise say it was a Fearless Detty December 🥤

Fearless sponsored various events this december and it interest me to give You some briefs on them

1. Teni Live in Concert 2019

Detty December is still on and Fearless is taking it all
Some Fearless Chills

The Teni Live in Concert ( Billionaire Experience ) 2019 was proudly sponsored by Fearless and it went down with some massive energy from Teni herself to the Fans.

The event had an awesome turnout with Fearless present to re-energize everyone, it was truly a Billionaire experience.

Some tweets to thrill You below

That’s some Fearless energy right there lol
These Babes are Fearless
Some Fearless Chills

One couldn’t have pulled such a great show without having Fearless in place.

2. Merrybet Celebrity Fans Cahllenge 2019

Merrybet Fans Cahllenge 2019
Merrybet Fans Cahllenge 2019

Fearless was one of the Major sponsors of the 2019 edition of Merrybet’s Celebrity Fans Challenge.

Fearless took it up to energize fans and celebrities at the Merrybet Celebrity Fans Challenge 2019. As we all know sport and music requires some great energy to follow up and the Fearless Energy drink was a life saver.

With the presence of Artiste like D Banj, Tuface, Davido, Shina Peters and many others, Fearless was live to renew the energy.

To me, i’ll advice You stay Fearless 🥤💪 Cheers

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