Naval Lieutenant commander dies from Coronavirus complications

Naval Lieutenant commander dies from Coronavirus complications

Naval Lieutenant commander dies from Coronavirus complications

Flag Officer Commanding (FOC) of Western Naval Command Rear Admiral Oladele Daji has confirmed the death of a naval lieutenant commander due to coronavirus complication

Rear Admiral Oladele Daji when been interviewed by the Nation that the late naval officer who died last weekend, could not survive the disease because of previous illness.

He said

He was on treatment but unfortunately, had complications on Saturday night and before we could rush him to the hospital, he gave up.

“All those that had contact with him have been traced. He lived alone. He was unmarried. Four people had contacts with him. They are someone who visited when he heard that the officer was in isolation; his driver, orderly and steward.

“Their samples have all been taken and they have been isolated, we are expecting that their results will come out but there’s no cause for alarm at all.”

He also confirmed that 8 Naval officers has been tested positive and over 1200 test has been conducted.

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He also added

We have been taking precautions. We have been calling Lagos COVID-19 response to make sure tests are conducted because of the nature of our work. We have been sending samples for test.

“Thankfully, most of the cases are serving in the medical centres so it is possible that it was from there they got it. Because of this, Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ibas procured 1,800 PPEs and we distributed them to all our medical personnel in Lagos.

“You know they have to touch and see patients and most of these patients are civilian patients that come to our hospitals because of the modern equipment in our hospital.

“The CNS directed that every medical personnel, before they see any patient, must have their personal protective equipment. We distributed to all medical facilities in Lagos so we believe with that, they would be confident to do their work and they will be protected at the same time.”

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